About Our Food


We select the highest quality ingredients for our boxes, and we think you would like to read a little about the origins of our meats and cheeses. 

Note: Each box may vary slightly due to availability but please know that I will be personally choosing every item that is in the box.


Fratelli Galloni Prosciutto di Parma Matonella

Prosciutto is an Italian dry-cured ham. The word prosciutto comes from the Italian verb prosciugare, which means to dry. Prosciutto is a fatty cut of meat that, when sliced thinly, has a buttery texture and will melt in the mouth. Prosciutto has a mild, sweet flavor and not overwhelmingly salty. The elimination of moisture ensures the product a long shelf life, even at room temperature.

Ingredients: pork, salt.

Ours is a unique territory: for its landscape, for its colors, for particular climatic conditions which, for centuries, have favored the roots of the Ham culture . It is Langhirano , our home. It is here that the Marino , the light wind of the sea crosses the mountains and hills and meets the Prosciutto, the undisputed lord of tables all over the world. From this place begins the journey of sweetness and every day the magic of taste is renewed.

Sweet on the palate, soft to the touch, naturally bright: a ham that expresses a real culture of taste, matured over time, capable of renewing itself every time while maintaining its origins and the values ​​that have always distinguished it: it is Parma Galloni , an Italian excellence recognized all over the world.

Citterio Sweet Cooked Capocollo, coated with Spices and Paprika

Citterio, an Italian, family-owned company, founded in Italy in 1878, offers a wide array of whole and packaged products – as fresh and tasty as when they’re just sliced. Try them on their own or use them creatively in the kitchen.

Citterio has been nationally and internationally rewarded since 1900 for its quality and its innovational attitude to always give consumers a better experience.

Produced by Citterio with only Italian meat, the coppa, from the underneck of the pork and the lonza, a very lean meat cut from the back, are dry salted by hand according to the traditional Italian procedure and seasoned for four months. 

Traditionally seasoned, our Sweet Capocollo is a premium quality specialty that is slowly oven-roasted to develop its rich flavor and texture.

Leoncini Imported Mortaella Optima with Pistachio

The Leoncini family has been in business for over a century, handing down, from father to son, all the experience and enthusiasm that have, over time, helped make this group a state-of-the-art business that offers top quality products.
Leoncini cured pork meats, while produced with the aid of leading-edge production and control techniques, are created with full respect for traditional Emilian recipes, today just as they were in the past.

We select only the best meat cuts of leg, shoulder and belly to scrupulously follow ancient Emilian recipes that foresee using exclusively natural flavors.  We use traditional masonry dry air ovens to cook our mortadella:  prolonged and delicate cooking creates products with unique taste, inviting aroma and irresistible velvet-smooth consistency.

Golfera Imported Golfetta Salame

“My grandfather and father worked as pork butchers in the Rimini countryside. Now times have changed and the third and fourth generations of our family have answered their calling in the same line of work, but as part of a modern entrepreneurial culture. A culture which has its roots in the remote past, and which for this reason cannot do without strategies based on the high quality of the product: it has to be nutritious, hygienic, healthy, and natural.”

(Alvaro Zavaglia, President)

Original and unique.

Made from selected Italian ham, Golfetta is a unique and authentic pleasure with an unmistakable flavour. Light and tasty, it’s ideal for the modern consumer: with high protein and low fat content (40% less fat than traditional salami), Golfetta is perfect as part of a main course. Perfect on its own, or dressed with a little olive oil and lemon juice to bring out all its flavour.


Crucolo Cheese

Rifugio Crucolo is the most antique tavern, run by the same family since 1782 and it is situated 1100 meters above sea level, under the feet of the mountain chain Lagorai in Val Campelle, an enchanting alpine valley.

Crucolo is an artisanal cow’s milk cheese made by a single producer at the Rifugio Crucolo.

Produced in small quantities as a farmhouse or artisan cheese, Crucolo is a variety that is made from unpasteurized cow’s milk. Ivory tan in color and creamy in texture, Crucolo provides a mild, buttery flavor with a slightly tangy overtone. The paste of this cheese contains numerous small holes throughout and it has the appearance and elastic feel of being similar to Swiss cheese. Crucolo is a good snacking or appetizer cheese to be served with grapes and light crackers.

The cheeses, which are matured for at least two months.

Caraozza Taleggio

 Already known in the tenth century, Taleggio is a soft PDO cheese produced with whole cow’s milk. We refine it with care and passion in Pasturo, in the heart of Valsassina, which has the ideal micro-climate to bring out its refined qualities. The aroma is intense, deep and persistent with a captivating delicious creaminess. The delicate and buttery flavour acquires slightly spicy notes with aging. The PDO trademark guarantees the origin of the milk, the characteristics of the preparation and the areas for maturing, and is awarded only to companies that respect the strict production regulations by the Consortium for the Protection of Taleggio.

Spring Day Creamery

Sarah raised her family in France, where years of exposure to its unsurpassed cuisine shaped her palate. Just like learning a language in formative years, France imprinted its indelible mark and left her with a food fluency that she brings to her cheese.

Spring Day Creamery produces about 4,000 pounds of cheese a year. Each batch is authentic to its Durham, Maine location, unique, and crafted by hand.

Deja Blue Cheese:

One of a few external blue cheeses made in the U.S. It has the mottled look of a rock on the beaches of Maine and a mild taste. Made with pasteurized organic milk and aged for about six weeks. Availability varies.

*Gold medal winner of the 2017 Eastern States Exposition


Ashed, Soft-Ripened Cheese

Made with pasteurized organic cow’s milk. Mild, mushroomy taste and can be eaten at all stages of ripeness. Aged 2-3 weeks.

Select Cheddar Cheese

Grand Reserve Cheddar is aged 2 years for an extra sharp, rich flavor. The texture is creamy, yet crumbly with noticeably crunchy crystals.

During our research this cheese constantly got rave reviews.